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Smaller Projects for Smaller Budgets & Builders

ARMOR Steel Buildings and affiliates are one of the only manufacturers that offer Steel Panel/Arch Buildings to Builders through an Authorized Builder Program.

With the rising construction and lumber cost, and only 2-3 major manufactures, the steel arch product line has recently seen tremendous growth with an average of 1000 buildings per month being delivered around the U.S. with just this product alone. That is an incredible 12,000 buildings per year being delivered in this country, AND due to the primarily rural residential and agricultural market, you hardly ever notice them. Armor Builders can take advantage of selling and constructing this additional product, to the already wide variety of product lines, as well as all the many other advantages of becoming an Armor Builder.

Greater opportunity with ARMOR® Steel Panel/Arch Projects for Builders

More products to sell, more sold projects: Armor Steel Buildings, Inc. with the assistance of Excalibur Advertising Agency, generate thousands of building prospects annually, using Internet, National radio, TV, all types of Printed Media, and various other sources. Approximately 30-50% of these are prospects who consider purchasing smaller Panel or Straightwall buildings with the intent to "Do-It-Yourself". Most consumers, upon researching the construction requirements choose to have a Local builder do the construction for them. These prospects are qualified and distributed to Qualified and Active Authorized ARMOR Builders according to size, scope, construction services requested, distance, and location. The major portions of these sales are either home-based business type (horse barns, shops, farm, storage, etc.) or small commercial (under 5,000 square feet) and are usually more profitable negotiated type bid.

More Sold Projects, More profits: Armor and affiliates, produce and ship approximately 400 Panel/Arch steel buildings per month, in P's, Q's, S's and A's. All told, Panel/Arch products represent a staggering 12,000 buildings per year with approximate gross sales of roughly 80-100 million per year; without construction, and you hardly ever see them! This Panel/Arch product is the only one that offers this product in colored panels as well as Galvalume, opposed to only galvanized. Imagine the possibilities of this product line added to your product line!

More Erecting Profits: If you're just learning to erect steel buildings or whether you're doing a turnkey project, or only erecting a "was going to do it himself", the Panel/Arch Building is one of the easiest and fastest to erect. This equals one of the most profitable buildings to erect. Most erectors charge the same cost per square foot to erect a Panel/Arch Type building, even though it typically can be done in 1/3 to ˝ the time, with practically only wrenches and scaffolding for tools.

More Building Sales Profits: Just like building erection profits, the building sale, many times can be priced at the same cost for re-sale as an I-Beam building when you're doing turnkey, even though Builder cost is significantly less. You can make more profit, or use the savings to pass onto a customer and compete on smaller buildings or Pole barns that you may not normally have even considered. Remember, 1000 people a month are buying panel/Arch type buildings somewhere.

Turnkey Profits: When you sell turnkey with the Steel Panel/Arch Buildings, with your erecting savings, concrete savings, and the contractor markup on the building and its accessories, we believe you will find the profit margins to be phenomenal. Panel/Arch Steel Buildings are just another great opportunity for Builders to earn more profit, and is included as part of your Armor Buildership.

Beat Pole Building Competition: As you will see for yourself, the Panel/Arch Steel buildings can offer benefits that Wood Pole Buildings can't. All steel, non-combustible, lifetime wind and snow loads, high seismic resistance, and so many more. As we've discussed, this product opens you up to an entire industry and product line. Many contractors sell the Panel product with the 23-22 gauge panels and much higher prices than the pole barn contractor with 29 gauges outside panels. However, even though there is no comparison of quality of Wood Pole Barn Vs. a steel panel/arch building, the cost is many times very competitive or can beat the pole building price. We now even offer colored arches on select models; an option no other Panel Building manufacturer offers!

Meet Lower end Customer Budgets: Many times in construction, as you know, Builders are competing with the customer's champagne taste with a beer budget. It's often the customer's budget we are competing with rather than any competitor. Why else do consumers "Shop"? Well, someone is buying thousands of steel Panel/Arch buildings in suburban and rural areas for garages, shops, barns, storage, etc. One thousand people purchase panel buildings every month, so it's apparent that many people prefer money savings to something that's "pretty"!!

Read what ARMOR Builders have to say...

Contractor - Greg Maxwell
"The building being pre-engineered and ready to assemble, it's a lot easier than trying to field fabricate things. It goes real smooth because it's kind of like a snap-together once you get it. It saves money because it's speedy!"

OEC Construction, Montrose, Colorado - Cory Noles
"The Armor Steel Product & features as a whole is simply impressive. I have been around and erected almost every brand of steel building out their and with out a doubt, Armor Steel is the best fabricated, easy to erect and all around cleanest product on the market."

Colorado Steel Systems, Colorado - Dan Myers
"The project managers are there for you and they'll talk to the engineering department for you if you have a building, how it's going to fit together, they'll do design things to make it work for any situation that you run into. And if you have done your competition investigation, you know who your bidding against, they'll help you out. They want to get the project as bad as you do, so they're going to everything they can to help you get that project."

All Steel Buildings, Inc., Winnebago, MN - James Thom
"The phone training with Armor Steel is one of the most valuable & important things you can do as a new Builder to succeed. Your Armor project Management Team will help you, not only learn the product that you are selling, but also teach you how to present and close the sale. The assistance from Armor Steel thru Excalibur will assist your company greatly with advertising and branding ideas."

OEC Construction, Montrose, Colorado - Cory Noles
"The lead generation program that Armor offers is a great way to get in the game of steel buildings and has lead me to one of the largest sales and erection contracts of a steel building my company has to date."

Quest Steel Systems LLC, Tucson, AZ - Johnny Greene
"As an owner of a very small Landscape company previously, (1 guy and a truck as Armor would say) deciding to take my business in a new direction with Armor Steel Buildings, although a little uncertain at first, was quite an exciting adventure. From the get go, they provided me with a very experienced project management team that worked with me on the 24 day phone training classes . This initial phone training gave me the confidence & knowledge to take what I was taught and use it. I had a my first sale and a commitment on my second building and was working on 5 other projects within the first 60 days and I hadn't even made it to the 90 day advanced training Seminar yet!"

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If you are interested in learning more about becoming an
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