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Armor Steel Buildings are manufactured in fully integrated Plants where practically all components are designed, engineered and fabricated under the supervision of some of the most experienced engineering staff in the industry. Our engineering staff alone has over 50 years experience in pre-engineered buildings and are Engineer Certificated in all 50 states and most Canadian provinces. This provides you with the ability to receive the most complex buildings, completely designed, engineered, manufactured and delivered directly to your job site.

Building Collapse Due to Snow

March 2003 - Denver, CO Area
6-7 Feet of Snow in Some Areas

COMPETITION: Some competitors are brokers who have no equipment and simply purchase components to make steel buildings from many different suppliers and then sell steel building parts that have not been engineered. Others pay an independent drafting firm to produce "plans" then pay an independent engineer to stamp the plans, who is not involved with the company that supplies the parts, let alone who oversees design, engineering and fabrication. Other small manufacturers simply have the basic hand or portable mig welding machines to make only the beams. These "frame shops" also do not oversee the design, engineering and fabrication of the entire building, but purchase all other items required to produce your building from outside steel suppliers and usually have these components shipped by the supplier to you with out ever checking the quality or quantity.

The Engineered design has a "safety" factor designed into the strength of the beams for snow and wind load that usually exceeds the minimum allowed design by 5-20%. This additional strength designed into the beams may cost more but gives you the peace of mind that your main structural support was not designed to the lowest possible minimum and as a result allows for a point load of approximately 500-1000 pounds of temporary lift from the beams when the beams are not under a snow or wind load stress.

Building Collapse Due to Hurricane and Tornado

COMPETITION: Many competitors design the building to the lowest possible minimums and some do not have them fabricated to any specific design loads at all. Others simply put into your contract that the owner is responsible for removing any snow from the roof which could allow them to not design the beams or building for any snow load at all since you would be responsible for climbing up on the roof and shoveling the snow off.

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